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This machine is mainly used for the electrical coils,electromagnetic coils,madium-sized and small-sized transformers,mutual-inductance equipments and soon. The vacuum (pressure) lacquer-soaking insulation treatment can improve the coils?machinery intersity,insulation intensity and the moicturepro of and heat conduction proterty.
To adopt the frying sraft of?thermal airstream-vacuum-thermal airstream? makes the cols constantly finish a whole process from the vase stoving in advance to the vacuum moist-removing in low temperature to vacuum (pressure) soaking to the vacuum-appliance colvent recyding to the solidifying in high temperature in the same jar for lacquer-soaking and
stoving.The treatment circle is cut down from the past tens of hours to six to eight hours.It greatly reduces the worker-s¡¯labour internsity,improves the working environment and saves a great deal of insulation lacquer.Due to the saving of the electric power and the insulation lacquer,all the investment can be back after the equipment is used for one year,The cone bottom of the stoving jqr is based on the patent technology of ZL998225921.2(treat the come bottom of the stobing jar without sticking).It overcomes the defects of the traditional equipments.And it is reqarded as a new insulation installation of the electrical machinery and electeical appliance industries for improving the quality of products,saving the cost protecting the environment and build up the competion ability.This appliance has been used by Hebei Electrical Machinery Co.,Ltd.MaAnShan Iron & Steel Company,Dayan Pump-industry Group Company,Shanghai Tebo Electrical Machiner Com.,Zhejiang Dafu Fan Com.,Dhanghai Yingda Fan Com.,Fujian Anbo Electrical Equipment Com., and other 500 users,and it has beem well commented.
      1. Soak complately and fill in as mucj aspossible.
      2. Dry fully It can make sure that both innerpart and the            outer art can be dried at thesame time.
      3. It?s suitable for many kinds of lacquerand can be stored           ling.
      4. It can save 50-80% of the electricity.
      5. It saves and recycled the solvent toreduce the pollution.
      6. The intensity of labour is low, theground is clean and           tidy, andthere is no smell.
      7. There?no need to scrape the laquer ,and it can put on           much lacquer.
      8. The craft is ripe and it?s safe and reliable.
Model ZJH-1200 EntireMachine
Model ZJH-1200 Square Equipment
Model ZJH-1200 Equipment
Model ZJH-2500 Equipment
Vacuum Pressure Soaking Stoving Machine
ZJH-3500 vacuum soaks
and paints the drying-machine
ZJHY-1200 Vacuum Pressure
Lacquer-Soaking Stoving Machine
ZJH-1600 Vacuum Lacquer-
Soaking Drying Equipment
Main technological Parametre
Basic Parametre Nominal Volume of Soaking-Stoving Jarmm×mm Operation Vacuity of the Container Temerature-requlating Range inside the Jar Thermal FanPower kw Fixing Capacity kw Floor space
Model A type is in bulk Single cylinder of the Model B Model C double-cylinder
ZJH-500 500×500 0.095 Normal Temperature -180 9 12 / 4 6
ZJH-700 700×700 0.095 Normal Temperature -180 9 12 / 5 10
ZJH-900 900×900 0.095 Normal Temperature -180 12 18 / 8 15
ZJH-1200 1200×1200 0.095 Normal Temperature -180 15 20 20 16 20
ZJH-1400 1400×1400 0.095 Normal Temperature -180 21 25 35 35 50
ZJH-1600 1600×1600 0.095 Normal Temperature -180 24 30 40 40 65
ZJH-1800 1800×1800 0.095 Normal Temperature -180 27 40 50 50 75
ZJH-2000 2000×2000 0.095 Normal Temperature -180 50 60 80 / /
ZJH-2500 2500×2400 0.095 Normal Temperature -180 80 100 145 / /
ZJH-3000 3000×2800 0.095 Normal Temperature -180 120 140 155 / 158
ZJH-3500 3500×3400 0.095 Normal Temperature -180 150 180 165 / 170
ZJH-4000 4000×3800 0.095 Normal Temperature -180 200 250 175 / 180

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